Brightvision Partners is a private investment firm based in Silicon Valley. We are a value-add investor and can provide founder liquidity as part of a recapitalization or succession plan. 

We invest for the long term and intend to hold acquired companies indefinitely. Unlike traditional private equity firms we are not driven by fund lifecycles, which allows us to focus on long term growth opportunities instead of short term profit maximization. Our funding comes from family offices who share our unique investment approach.

We typically do not make significant changes after an acquisition. Our strategy is to run companies "as is" while implementing thoughtful operational improvements over time to drive revenue growth. The existing team, brand and operational structure stays in place. We welcome founders to continue to run their company if desired, but would expect a minimum transition period of 6 months if an exit plan is desired.


Partnering with us is appealing to many founders for the following reasons:

  • No change to the company’s name or identity

  • No layoffs 

  • Founders can stay in their current role indefinitely, or transition out after a minimum of 6 months

  • Long term hold and grow model. We do not flip companies after 3-5 years


  • $8M minimum revenue

  • History of profitability

  • Limited cyclicality

  • Significant repeat business or recurring revenues

  • No customer concentration


Please contact us to start a confidential conversation.