We are looking to partner with executives who have a specific company or divestiture in mind that may be for sale. Work with us to acquire the business and get rewarded for your efforts, for example through an executive role at the company or a finder's fee arrangement.


If you do not currently have a business in mind that is for sale, please consider joining our Executive Advisor Program.

Investment criteria:

  • Situations:

    • Founder-owned companies

    • Divestitures of divisions from larger companies

    • Management Buyouts 

    • Management Buy-ins

  • Financial profile:

    • $8-250M in revenue

    • A history of consistent profitability

    • We may consider unprofitable businesses in case of a divestiture from a larger company if there is a clear turnaround opportunity.

  • Industries / Business Types:

    • Business Services, Healthcare, Specialty Manufacturing, Technology, Software

    • We do not invest in real estate, franchises, retail, or natural resources businesses.

    • We also do not invest in startups, projects or companies with minimal revenues.

  • We prefer situations with significant operational improvement potential given the right capital structure and changes in leadership.

  • We prefer to make control investments where we will own a majority stake in the business going forward. However, we will consider minority investments if the company has a history of growth and increasing profitability.

What we offer: 

  • Fair compensation for your efforts

  • Consideration for an executive or board role at the acquired business

Please contact us to start a conversation about your investment idea. All inquiries are 100% confidential.