Executive Partnership Program

We are looking for executives who would like to work with us on private equity transactions by leveraging their networks and industry connections.



  • Help us identify acquisition targets through your professional network and industry connections.

  • No significant time investment is required and this could be a passive activity where you simply monitor your industry for potential investment opportunities that may come up. 

Program Benefits:

  • Generous fees​ paid on all closed transactions you refer to us. We reward Executive Advisors with the following fee structure: 

    • 5% of the acquisition price between $0 and $1,000,000, PLUS

    • 4% of the acquisition price between $1,000,001 and $2,000,000, PLUS

    • 3% of the acquisition price between $2,000,001 and $3,000,000, PLUS

    • 2% of the acquisition price between $3,000,001 and $4,000,000; PLUS

    • 1% of any acquisition price between $4,000,001 and $100,000,000.

    • For example, if you refer a transaction with a $65 million purchase price, you would receive a $750,000 finder's fee.

  • Consideration for an executive role at the referred company (depending on fit). Many executives who refer deals to us are interested in taking the CEO role of the acquired company.

  • Consideration for paid consulting engagements if your industry expertise matches a diligence project.

  • "Executive Advisor" title and official affiliation with our firm.

Deal Screening / Training:

​After acceptance into our program we will provide training materials covering our investment criteria. This will allow you to pre-screen acquisition opportunities yourself before submitting them to us.



  • Interest in sourcing investment opportunities and partnering with an investment firm

  • Applicant must be a current or former executive with deep expertise in his or her industry

  • Applicants should have a larger professional network in their industry

  • Acceptance into the program requires the execution of our standard Executive Advisor agreement which is a written contract outlining your role and the fee terms described above


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