Brightvision Partners is a private investment firm based in Silicon Valley. We buy divestitures and non-core assets in a wide variety of industries. We unlocked potential by focusing on operational improvements and investing in growth. 

We have past experience with multiple divestitures and can work with you in a quick and productive manner with minimal disruption to your core business. 


Divestiture Criteria:

  • Revenues: $3M - $250M

  • Positive contribution margin (negative EBITDA is ok)

  • Customer base with a high percentage of repeat business or recurring revenues

What we offer:

  • Fast turnaround and an ability to work with time critical situations

  • Experience with divestitures

  • Opportunity to participate in the future upside of the business (if desired)

Divestiture Models:

We can work with a number of economic models to accomplish your financial objectives:

  • Traditional Model: 100% cash purchase

  • Partnership Model: You receive equity warrants in the acquisition entity and participate in the future upside from a successful turnaround and future sale. 

  • Spinout-as-a-Service: We run the divestiture operationally but you own a significant portion of the equity and materially participate in the future upside.


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