Non-core Business Units

We work with public and private companies to carve out non-strategic business units. We pay fair market valuations for healthy businesses and bring divestiture specific expertise to the table.


Typical Situations:​​​

  • Public company looking to divest a non-core or low-growth business

  • Private equity firm selling non-strategic parts of a platform portfolio company


  • $10-100M in revenue

  • Greater than $3M in EBITDA

  • A history of consistent profitability

  • Healthy business fundamentals

What we offer: 

  • Deep understanding of the divestiture process

  • Fair market value

  • Ability to move quickly and close without onerous TSA requirements

  • Sensitivity to public company confidentiality requirements

  • All cash transaction, or ability to retain minority equity stake if desired

Please contact us to start a conversation about your situation. All inquiries are 100% confidential.